Rings Galore!

I love big, bold, in your face rings! When I go hunting for components that I call treasures, the first thing I do is lay a piece on the top of my hand to see if it can be made into a ring, of course size doesn’t matter! Then starts the designing process, I play with pieces, layer them to create my famous stacked cakes. Next comes designing the framework of silver to enhance the piece. Photographs of the ideas and design all go into a numbered bag, and travel to Bali, where I have the most amazing silversmiths. 

It took me many years to find silversmiths that could understand and interpret my design ideas, as these are no production pieces. 

There is still much laughter and amazement at some of the things I want to create, and I love that this is the energy that goes into these pieces. 

Because the components of these pieces are so substantial, I wanted the silver to match that, which is why I use a heavier gauge than normal. 

Having created these beautiful, adjustable bands it allows you to choose the pieces that just grab your heart and know that it will fit!

My experience as well as those of many of my collectors is that they are stopped on the street to admire my fearless creations! So sally forth with confidence! 

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