“You’ll never see your self walking down the street”

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  • I have collected a number of Sally's pieces over the years and, when I wear them, I feel fabulous. She has a special talent for creating eye-catching, unique, statement pieces, often whimsical but always elevated. I feel so lucky to have discovered her work!
    - @SFShaza
  • Sally Bass and her amazing whimsical earrings bring out the inner child in me
    - Terri Wong
  • Sally Bass! What can I say? Her jewelry speaks for itself! She’s the most creative, intuitive ,amazing artist. I LOVE wearing my Sally Bass pieces . They are show stoppers and who doesn’t like that? They set me apart and enhance my own personal style. Adore her jewelry and adore her!
    - Jennifer_loew
  • I was known as The Necklace Lady at work with people telling me I had the most beautiful, and unique pieces they had ever seen. It made me feel special.
    - Ginger Joyce