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Pink, orange and yellow End of Day Bakelite dome in Sterling2016-10-12 10.38.26Hand-carved shell discs in SterlingUnique hand-carved Bakelite pieces frames with Sterling silverDramatic boar tusk in SterlingBakelite on sponge coral2016-12-07 13.28.56Striped taffy resin in Sterling2015-12-29 10.31.50IMG_95592016-06-16 09.24.32Yellow leaf on red Bakelite discPin_BF_2014_5417iPin_BF_2014_5410cBakelite plastic and Mah-jongg money2015-11-04 14.20.58IMG_02322016-10-12 10.43.182016-10-12 10.35.062016-10-12 10.28.062016-09-10 11.36.052016-10-28 10.35.582016-06-16 09.19.312016-01-01 12.10.59Molten copper set in SterlingBeautifully carved vintage orange BakeliteDeep carved orange Bakelite in SterlingTurquoise Bakelite turtlesThe Weaver embossed on Miao silverHand-carved, hand-painted pink skull with flowers